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Leadership: High Performance Communication

by Victoria Brodie

It is critical to understand the value of communication to lead successfully in business. Effective communication ability has the potential to move a leader from good to great. When a leader is reflective they understand and know how they communicate. Here some of the most critical components to honing your communication skills as you lead.

Internal communication

Internal communication is the dialogue we have with ourselves all day, every day. This type of conversation, and how well we manage it, is what we tend to see reflected in our positive or negative attitude. This concept is why more negative internal dialogue often correlates to lower self-esteem and self-confidence. Knowing where you are on the barometer is critical to gaining success or understanding why you are in a constant battle trying to find it. If you find yourself identifying with the latter, now is the time to manage that internal critic.

Interpersonal communication

These one-on-one, face-to-face communication skills are imperative to building trust, empathy, and relationships. Understanding this going in, being respectful, open, and direct are foundations to building any type of stable relationships. If it is clear you are working toward an ethical agenda with both parties’ interests in mind, trust is built, and relationships form. Using this back and forth dialogue respects the person you are talking to rather than using a barrage of one-way criticism. When people know they can trust you, true leadership can occur.

Public communication

Speaking in public is a terrifying task for some. No matter if speaking in a company meeting or presenting to a large group knowing how to communicate your message is imperative. The skill of public speaking is one that can catapult a leader and their effectiveness exponentially. Understanding the power of body language, crafting a message that benefits the audience, as well as knowing how to skillfully tell a story are all signs of a skilled public speaker. Working to hone this skill can expand the reach of a leaders message and sphere of influence.

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