Learning is a lifelong journey. It opens possibility, is the foundation of creativity, and the spark that drives innovation. Learning reaches all corners of the world encompassing all people and cannot be encapsulated only within the field of education. Life = learning.


The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice – Brian Herbert

Much of my adult life I learned through unconventional methods, yet I still sought out and continued to grow my knowledge and understanding of the world I live in. Even though much of my learning was unusual, traditional education far surpassed all my expectations and I now have a BS in communication, an MA is public relations, and am currently getting my doctorate in organizational leadership. I am a voracious life-long learner, as I believe it is the impetus of all change. These writings are just another leg of this incredible journey – to learn, grow, and expand possibilities through sharing here.


Learning opens doors and minds. Everyone and everything is a teacher. Some of them we seek out and others join us on our journey. Every one of them carries valuable knowledge and greater understanding.